Dimsum Momos Folds

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Who doesn't love dimsums?

Now make your own at home quickly with no mess!!

No ugly dumplings, Crimped edge design helps control the shape of dumplings.

Do you want to eat delicious dumplings?

  1. Simply cut, fill it with a filling of your choice, press to seal.
  2. Steam the momos

What do you get?

  • 2 Dimsum Folds These dumpling tools feature a decorative crimped edge design and the dough cutter on the back of the press cuts dough to perfectly fit the press.

They allow you to mix and match fillings to satisfy your taste without over filling them.

Just Fill them up with the filling of your choice and steam them in the bamboo steamer to enjoy a healthy hearty meal of the yummiest dimsums!

It's small so just take it anywhere like camping, party or travel.

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need only the moulds