Silicone Scrubber Gloves

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Are you tired of cleaning dishes with normal scrubbers?

  • Your hands also come in contact with the dirty dishes and bacteria-ridden basins, floors and toilet seats.. Yuck!
  • We also know what too much exposure to water does to our hands, adding to that the harmful chemicals of the dish soap.
  • This Silicone Scrubber Gloves™ is the SOLUTION you were looking for!

How Will It Help Me?

  • Your Scrubber Gloves come with Italian-designed silicone bristles. These bristles ensure deep cleaning of anything you rub your hands on!
  • Your hands will be protected from the harsh soap chemicals as well as continuous exposure to tap water.

  • Using the gloves will result your hands to become softer and brighter as time goes on!
  • If your servant is on leave and cleaning is necessary, do it yourself without any problem now!

What Can My Gloves Clean?

  • They can clean your utensils.
  • Your kitchen/bathroom basin.
  • Your bathroom floor.
  • Even your sofas and curtains!

Other Uses Of Scrubber Gloves

  • You can easily hold and move around hot utensils! (upto 250°C)

  • You can wash your car using it.

  • You can scrub your pet using it.



Made with high-quality food grade silicone, these gloves are the perfect cleaning tool. They are cold and heat resistant and can handle temperatures up to -60 degree Celsius to 230 degree Celsius. They can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, bed rooms, pet care and washing cars. The palm and finger areas of the gloves are covered in thick silicone bristles which quickly wash away stains and provide firm grip. The bristles reach into small cervices and cracks to provide a reliable scrub.

These gloves maintain excellent elasticity and resilience and can be used for a longer duration without being torn.

Household gloves are made of silicone , which is free of stain and odorless. reusable gloves protect not only your hands but also your wrists and forearms from the water.

These long, clean gloves are so useful if you are cleaning and washing dishes or bathing. Best of all, natural latex is soft on the skin so you do not have allergic reactions. Our fantastic new household gloves resist tears and leaks even after prolonged use. These high quality natural rubber gloves are able to be strong without being too thick. This design gives you superior control, which means that you can handle soapy, slippery, wet glass and crockery with ease.

 The uses of these gloves :

  • Silicone Scrubbing Gloves for Dish Washing
  • EASY TO WASH - Water and oil proof, easy to rinse with water
  • Cleaning the bed room
  • Washing the car
  • Gloves for Dish Washing
  • Protects your hands
  • The unique oil-resistant formula ensures the separation of oil from the gloves
  • Can easily reach into small cracks and cervices